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Bio:   Theresa Brisch's industry experience began in 1990 with a transfer paper distributor in the Chicago area.  In 1994, she served as an international consultant for a European manufacturer where she was based in Germany and The Netherlands and supported distributors throughout 35 countries. In 1998, she returned to the U.S. to a position of VP of Sales where she oversaw worldwide distribution, manufacturing, and foreign representations. Since 2008, Brisch owns her own business, Brisch Papers LLC, where she represents USA transfer paper manufacturers and is setting up worldwide country distributors.   

Email her at:  Info@BrischPapers.com


(PW = Printwear Magazine / HG = Hot Graphics Annual)

Transferring Beyond Apparel                           HG Spring 2010        by: Theresa Brisch

Print Perfect Laser Transfers... Every Time  HG Spring 2008        by: Theresa Brisch

Digital Transfers in Production                        PW January 2007      by: Theresa Brisch

Digital Transfer for Non-Wearables                PW October 2007     by: Theresa Brisch

Printer/Copier Buyer, Beware!                         PW May 2007            by: Theresa Brisch

Great Challenges... Faced & Conquered      HG Spring 2007        by: Theresa Brisch

Heat Transfer Paper Makes It Happen           HG Spring 2009        by: Gerry Rector, Neenah Paper

Desktop Digital Transfer Printing                   PW May 2010           by: Gerry Rector, Neenah Paper

Grow Your Business with Non-Wearables  PW Sept 2009           by: Gerry Rector, Neenah Paper

It's Not Magic... It's Science                              HG Spring 2010        by: Gerry Rector, Neenah Paper


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