Printer/Copier Buyer, Beware!

Printer/Copier Buyer, Beware!

Saving ten cents today can cost you thousands

Article Author: 
Theresa M. Brisch
Publication Name: Printwear Magazine
Publication Date: May 2007


It is important to note that the non-fabric transfer referred to is the toner-release transfer paper applied with a heat press, as opposed to the “water decal” transfer for candles, soap, windows, vases and other non-heat-pressed materials. Do not run a laser water-decal transfer through an oil-free printer unless the instructions clearly state that it is suitable for oil-free equipment. If you want to create products using water-decal transfer paper and you do not have an oil-fuser copier, I strongly suggest obtaining an inkjet printer (some models cost under $100) for your decal applications.

The Steady-Eddies

If you still have an operable oil-fuser copier from a few years ago—such as the Canon 900, 1000 or 1100, Ricoh 5200s and 6000s, or a Xerox Doc 12 or Doc 40—you are lucky and I hope you keep it as long as you can. If you don’t have such an ideal transfer-paper copier, there are companies that are refurbishing and selling them for less than $2,000. If you can still get parts and service, you’ve got a great bargain and can keep your business going with traditional transfer papers for several more years.

On the desktop-printer end, the Konica Minolta magicolor 2200 was one of the best little machines ever built and could run transfers all day without a hiccup. I truly wish they still made them but, if you can find a refurbished model, good for you.

Question and investigate

Don’t forget, you’re in charge and the customer is always right. If you are not happy with the answers you receive when trying to determine which equipment is right for you or whether you are purchasing the right transfer paper, get a second (or third or fourth) opinion.

Even if you are visiting an office-supply store to buy a laser/LED color printer, ask the sales associates there if it has an oil fuser. If they don’t know, put the responsibility on them to find out for you. If they care about your business, they will find the answer or find someone who can better assist.

No more oil-fusers: What a shame. The new higher-speed technology, to me, sacrifices the high image quality of the past. For the digital-transfer industry, unless you have 10 heat presses functioning full time, you don’t need a copier that prints more than 10 copies a minute. Don’t the copier manufactures realize that many transfer-paper customers buy copiers (and I mean multiple copiers) solely to run heat transfers?

I receive many calls from customers who want to replace/upgrade their old Ricoh 6000 or Xerox Doc 40 with a new model and there are just too few options now. Not all new-generation transfers perform the same on certain media as our traditional transfer paper versions have. We are going through an era of change and we need to prepare our customers for alternatives.

Just ask me

I have compiled a comprehensive listing of copiers and printers that details which types of transfer papers can run through them. Just drop me a line and request my “CLC/CLP Compatibility List.”

For around $600, you can purchase a desktop laser printer and an inkjet printer which will enable you to offer a huge variety of promotional and gift items. The laser printer can be used for producing your white-fabric, dark-fabric, and heat-pressable non-fabric items. The inkjet printer can be used for your non-heat-pressable items such as candles, soap, vases and other 3D items.

Please ask questions and know what you are buying. There are many options out there for every type of transfer business. Don’t let your only limitation be your reliance on wrong information.

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